Cycle Route and Health and Safety Instructions:

The Health and Safety of our participants is our biggest priority. You may wish to put the emergency numbers on your phone, as part of your preparations.


We recommend you anticipate the weather in advance and prepare accordingly.


Have your own water bottle filled for the start of the cycle. Water will be made available at the half-way point along with some refreshments.


Hard shell helmets are required and must be worn at all times. Please be aware of motorists. Follow the normal rules of the road at all times, especially at junctions. Groups should move to single file when approaching villages, towns, coming back into the City or busy traffic. Take extra care when on descents.


We will also have a Safety briefing before everyone sets off and will have support car/van/motorcycle outriders and First Aid team supporting the Cycle to ensure as safe an event as we possibly can.


Most of all - enjoy the Cycle and support fellow participants if required! Remember its not a race!!


Under 18's must be accompanied  by an adult.